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Jackson Kelley

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I'm a former musician currently working at Amazon as a software engineer, bringing creative solutions to modern technological challenges.

I'm interested in all things tech and have worked on projects from embedded systems, to big data & machine learning, all the way to standard web & mobile development. I'm also currently an independent consultant at block.one. I pride myself on my ability to pick up new tech quickly, so if you've got a project that doesn't involve one of these skills, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Latest Projects


Vapor - A Steem App

A cross platform mobile app for the steem blockchain that added features missing from steemit such as user mentions, push notifications, direct messaging, and a twitter style feed.

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Notification Server - Websocket based Node.js Server

A proprietary websocket based Node.js application housed on Space Dynamics Laboratory's embedded systems. Supported real time image transfer, email and sms notifications, user authentication, and data filtering capabilities.

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LendingBot - ETHLend Autonomous Lending Bot

A proprietary bot that searches the Ethereum blockchain for loans to fill and autonomously funds them via the ETHLend platform.

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Codeforces - Competitive ProgrammingOpen Source

Prior to focusing on more project based software, I competed in Codeforces and CodeChef competitions using the C++ programming language and the handle sjkelleyjr. While I certainly wasn't the best, I feel this experience greatly shaped who I am as a software engineer.

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Other Projects


A cross platform minimalist mobile game written in react native. On the front page of the minimalist_art subreddit!


Software written using Node.js running on AWS to collect data on eBay and R to analyze the data and train machine learning algorithms on it, with the eventual goal of item price prediction.

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A proprietary bot written in Node.js that auto-comments to followers, auto-upvotes content, and reposts content on Reddit to the Steem blockchain.

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Homeless Classification Open Source

Using Random Forests in R to predict outcomes on a homeless dataset supplied by The Road Home nonprofit organization. My first foray into enterprise data science.

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Altcoin Miner

I'm an altcoin miner! Follow along at my blog while I build a fault tolerant Ubuntu altcoin mining farm and defend my choice of altcoins to mine.

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Work Experience

Software Development Engineer - Amazon (2017 - Present)

Working in transaction risk management. My team tracks every seller transaction made on Amazon for tax purposes and leverages AWS big data technologies to accomplish this task.

Consultant - sjkelleyjr (2018 - Present)

Various consulting gigs related to different cryptocurrency projects. Be it new cryptocurrencies themselves, or projects on existing smart contract platforms, I've done everything from consult startup founders to editing whitepapers, creating technical content, and interviewing candidates for projects. Currently I'm working exclusively with block.one as an independent consultant.

Embedded Engineer - Space Dynamics Lab (2016 - 2017)

Development in ballistics trajectory prediction. Developed, maintained, and deployed to different linux distros, a websocket based Node.js application housed on SDL embedded systems.

Cryptographic Field Technician - VaST (2008 - 2016)

Provided testing and research for various DoD IR platforms. This included research into CDMA and GSM mobile networks, as well as network administration.